Preparing Your Nebraska Home to Sell This Summer

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Summer is peak season for the housing market, so it’s a great time to sell

your home. If you’re selling this season, strike while the iron (like the weather) is hot by

getting your home into tip-top shape before you list it. How? Follow these tips and

make your house the stand-out Nebraska property this season.

  • Declutter Your Home
  • Get Handy
  • Set The Stage
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Showcase Outdoor Living
  • Tap Your Inner Martha Steward
  • Lean Into The Season

1. Declutter Your Home.

No one wants to imagine living with all your clutter. And if you’re honest with yourself,

you’re probably not enjoying living with all your clutter. Declutter closets, cupboards,

garages, attics, and basements of everything that you don’t need or use, and if you’re

still tight on space, rent a storage unit for any overflow. Depersonalize your space by

removing family photos, knick-knacks, and sentimental pieces that don’t add to the look

of the home.

2. Get Handy.

Paint walls with neutral colors and make minor repairs before listing your house. Your home

will show better, and you can both boost your asking price and avoid buyer-requested

repairs that can slow down the process. Don’t forget to repair decks and concrete

cracks, pressure wash the driveway and siding, tighten (or replace) doorknobs and

cabinet pulls, scrub cabinets to remove fingerprints and clean up caulked and grouted


3. Set the Stage.

Consider hiring a professional stager to create the ideal aesthetic for your home’s

interior. Stagers know how to highlight your home’s best features while minimizing

flaws, which makes it easy for buyers to envision living there.

4. Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Or rather, make buyers’ enthusiasm start at the curb. Summer showcases your yard

and trees at their best, so enhance your landscaping by adding plants and flowers that

thrive during this season. Wondering if it’s worth the time and expense to do some

gardening? One study showed good curb appeal can add between 7% and 14% to the

value of your house.* On a $250,000 home, that may net an additional $17,500 to

$35,000 … well worth a trip to the home and garden store.

5. Showcase Outdoor Living.

Look for any opportunity to help buyers imagine themselves enjoying the season in your

outdoor spaces. Think deck chairs and tables on the patio, a rocking chair on the porch,

a firepit that conjures images of marshmallow roasts, and outdoor lighting to keep the

fun flowing after the sun goes down.

6. Tap Your Inner Martha Stewart.

Anyone can throw cookies on a plate for an open house. Why not kick things up a notch

by adding a theme? Give your backyard a garden party feel with a croquet set and trays

of sparkling iced tea. Set out a festive cake and small treat bags to help visitors imagine

all the birthdays and special events they could enjoy in this house.

7. Lean Into the Season.

Open curtains and keep windows sparkling clean to take advantage of all the sunshine.

You’ll need your air conditioner running in tip-top condition, so have it serviced and

change all air filters. Bring the outdoors in with fresh flowers and brightly colored

accents, like throw pillows, bedding, and towels. Summer has its special vibe, so

make sure buyers feel it.


Are you planning to buy a new home after you sell your

Nebraska home?

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*The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, “Valuing Curb Appeal,” September 6, 2019.